Ma''ii teehitlizhi

Coyote Fell In The Watering Hole

The Home of Chief Manuelito

Our Story

Upon returning from the “Long Walk” 1868, or the Navajo imprisonment in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, Chief Manuelito took residence in the northeastern part of the Chapter area and lived there the rest of his life. The place is named after him as a reminder of the Great Chief. Chief Manuelito is buried within his homestead.

Coyote Canyon is rural and isolated from other improved communities. The terrain is mostly rolling hills, open dry flatlands, and rocky canyons. It is semi-arid with elevations ranging from the 5,000 plus to above the 6,000 feet levels. The climate is mild with plenty of wind during the spring and early summer. There are a variety of forage for the livestock and little precipitation.

The first chapter house was built about 1930. The first Council Delegates were the late Charles Damon and Billy Duncan. The Trading Post was established about 1900. Programmatic health and Social Services were started between 1950 and 1980. The first housing units under the Navajo Housing Authority were built in the early 1980’s. Twenty-five mutual help units were constructed by 1990, making a total of 665 units. Then, Council Delegate Ben Muskett worked diligently to bring electrical services to a great part of the residents during the late 70’s.

Presently, the chapter is addressing community needs with waterline, powerline, housing, roads and other infrastructure. There are other services available for the chapter residents, including the Senior Center, Community Health Representative, Adult In-home Care, and Headstart. The Chapter coordinates other services for vaccination, general assistance, temporary employment, youth employment, residents organizaiton, Native American Church, Veteran Association, and others.

Mission Statement

“Servicing the Community Needs of the Coyote Canyon Chapter.”

Chapter Map

Chapter Gallery

Chapter Officials

Sherylene Yazzie, Chapter President

Evelyn Morris, Vice-President

Sharon Warren, Secretary/Treasurer

Isaiah Tsosie, Grazing Official

Pernell Halona, Council Delegate

Chapter Administration

Olin Kieyoomia, CSC

Vanessa Hood, Office Specialist – PEP

Walter Dahozy, Maintenance – PEP

Alex Capitan, Heavy Equipment Operator


Arthur Hood, President

Dianna Yazzie-Nez, Vice President.

Betty Tso, Secretary